kampen mot anorexin



She wasn’t born anorexic, but nowadays she suffers,
staring at these half-naked stars on magazine covers.
Feeling pressured by the public, she only weighs 90 pounds but still sucks in her stomach
On the inside she’s dieing, lying to herself, thinking: "5 more pounds won’t jeopardize my health".
One day she might just collapse, she can’t avoid it.
Too many sleepless nights spent bent over a toilet.

Spewing vomit, like she was an alcoholic. Praying to a God she never believed in to stop it.
Hasn’t eaten in weeks, drinks water by the heaps.
Now she looks like the skeleton she sees in her closet.
So close to death she can taste it, body looks wasted.
Hates life, hates you, hates the way she looks naked.

Now she’s feeling drowsy, lousy, thinking maybe this world’s better off without me

I’m so sorry for all that I’ve done,
I’m so sorry for what I’ve become.
I’m so sorry, so sorry for wasting your time, I can’t hold you back ‘cuz I’m losing my mind.



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